Corcoran Labs Identity


Corcoran Labs

Identity and web design for Corcoran Labs, the collective tech teams at the Corcoran Group.


About the project

Corcoran Labs is a new development led by the CIO and Director of Product. It combines the product, engineering, and IT teams into one collaborative group. Before the official debut, a logo and brand identity is to be defined.

Corcoran Labs is launching a site with a supplementary blog, as well.


My role

I took the initiative to produce and propose logos and branding materials for Corcoran Labs. I was sure to share my work early and often with the Senior Creative Director. After my design was selected (yay!), I was offered the opportunity to work on the building of the site with a front-end developer from the engineering team. We worked closely on crafting the design proposal of the site , 

Logo 2_Card.png