Dans Le Blue

Dans Le Blue

Digital graphic design homage to artist Yves Klein.


about the project

Seeing Yves Klein's “IKB 3, Monochrome bleu” painting at the Centre Pompidou in Paris was an unforgettable moment, time, and place in my life. The blue was eerie, alluring, and ethereal. Immediately, I was inspired and enamored by him and his work. I dedicated a collection of minimal graphic designs to him and his blue, International Klein Blue (IKB).


my role

I extensively researched and studied Yves Klein's work and philosophies. I created designs that were displayed digitally in a college art gallery exhibit.

Spellbound by Yves Klein's blue at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Spellbound by Yves Klein's blue at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

This piece is my reinterpretation of his monochrome painting. The texture was made using Cinema4D.

Yves is known and celebrated for International Klein Blue (IKB), a color he created in 1961, and his monochromes. He was genuinely fascinated by mystical ideas, by notions of the infinite, the indefinable, the absolute. His use of a single, rich and suggestive tone of blue might be seen as an attempt to free the viewer from all imposed ideas and allow the mind to soar. He reported that, at the age of nineteen, he looked up at the sky and realized the infinite, immaterial space surrounding the universe.

The designs are renders influenced by the sky and sea in French, ciel and mer.


-Yves Klein