Hydrogen Brand Identity



Rebranding an external product for confidence and credibility via internal sentiments.


About the project

After learning Hydrogen, our API platform, would be the focus of business, I was compelled to redesign the logo and branding to enhance our positioning.


My role

I worked on this concept with guidance from the the cofounders.


I persuaded the lead designer to help me trick the CEO into a branding sprint I learned about (https://library.gv.com/the-three-hour-brand-sprint-3ccabf4b768a); we had to shorten it to fit his busy schedule, but it was a success in understanding what the product’s strengths, concerns, and goals are. Then we sent out an internal Google survey to the team to get a sense of the current sentiments of the product to craft a stronger brand.

CEO Brand Goals.png
Internal Brand Google Survey.png
Logo Versions_White_BG.png
Logo Versions_Dark_BG.png
This was Hydrogen's previous logo and site.

This was Hydrogen's previous logo and site.