Hydrogen Identity



Refreshing and rebranding an external product for confidence and credibility.


About the project

For the past several years, Hedgeable, a robo-advisor, has been servicing thousands of customers in tactical investing through a combination of automation and customization. In 2017, the team discovered that they could offer more value to people by switching their focus to B2B and helping banks modernize their investing services. Thus, Hedgeable became Hydrogen, an API platform.



My role

As designer on a small team, I worked on elements of product and brand.


I persuaded the lead product designer to help me lead the CEO into participating in a branding sprint I learned about (https://library.gv.com/the-three-hour-brand-sprint-3ccabf4b768a); we had to shorten it to fit his busy schedule, but it was a success in understanding what the product’s strengths, concerns, and goals are. Then we sent out an internal Google survey to the team to get a sense of the current sentiments of the product to craft a stronger brand.

CEO Brand Goals.png
Internal Brand Google Survey.png
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This was Hydrogen's previous logo and site.

This was Hydrogen's previous logo and site.