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Leading design direction of the brand and app of an early stage fitness startup.


PopIn is a mobile app allowing customers to access premium health clubs on-demand for the fitness experience they seek.

Available for iOS and Android.


For a couple of months, I consulted with the team to lead everything visual-- branding, web and mobile design, UI design, and whatever else was needed.

I worked with the CTO (John Wu, only developer at the time) to build the landing marketing page for launch signup, collaborated with a UX designer (Julia Choy) to finalize the experience and interface for beta, and teamed up with the CEO (Dalton Han) and marketing members to build creative for marketing materials and business development. 


Once we defined some branding essentials, we were able to design and develop a web and site site targeting sign-ups for the beta launch. A simple, direct approach was taken to explain a new product and its unique business model.

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And now, the app

Happy with the results of the marketing site, we decided to implement the visual language into the beta of the mobile-first experience. Due to a short timeframe and dedication to building with trust, Julia (UX designer) and I began with a presumed user flow based on the goal of checking into and out of a gym.

The leading interaction of PopIn's beta was the home screen, which presented available gyms and their prices and details. We focused on this being one of the most well-planned and thoughtful functionalities for the launch of the beta app. This would not only be important for our beta testers, but for business; it would be used for recruitment of partnering gyms.


I explored card pattern design best practices of Material Design and from the resourceful Medium.com, but most importantly focused on making information that would provide people with quality details needed before taking action. After some guerilla testing and interviewing in a nearby cafe, I was driven to adding a map to the home screen helping to expedite decisions, minimize frustrations, and encourage exploration.

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Through more testing, it became very clear that we needed to create an app onboarding and introduction. Directly entering the home screen was confusing and demanded some clarification on the pricing model and process of using the app.