"We are Valuable" Campaign

"We are Valuable" Campaign

Defining the relevance and impact of humanities and liberal arts through a social academic campaign.


about the project

NY6 Think Tank is an organization that advocates for the arts and humanities. The organization's director would like to target senior high schoolers and young college students to encourage their interest and pursuit in these disciplines. This is the “We are Valuable” campaign.

2015 - 2016

my role

I worked with another designer to create visuals for social media (Instagram, Huffington Post articles) and print (posters, buttons, stickers). I came up with concepts and layouts.


As someone who studies and delights in both the arts and humanities, I was able to give a personal testimony that resulted in the idea to show that skills are transferrable.

Using high-profile and well-known professionals and companies, I believed this was a great way to attract young people by showing recognizably commercial "success" and "power." However, I wanted to present more value. At a NY6 arts & humanities conference, a presenter who develops physical games for company bonding said, "we are futurists." Her words repeated in my mind and inspired me to create a series of illustrations. The "We Are..." designs (below) are an empowerment and encouragement, adding the personal connection needed to strengthen the message.  


We created these illustrations for buttons and stickers.